Saturday, June 06, 2009

This Time Bush Has Gone Too Far

In 2002, President Bush signed an order allowing the NSA to
rapidly monitor the phone calls and other communications of people in the United States believed to have contact with suspected associates of al Qaeda and other terrorist groups overseas...
President Bush was spying on American citizens. But these were dangerous times. American was under the threat of even more terrorist attack. Also in danger was American freedom being lost.

Due to the 9/11 attacks and the continued threat, I was in support of the temporary monitoring plan. But, as usual with government programs, the plan bloated far beyond all reasonable parameters. Now this plan is being used against American citizens in order to really eat their lunches (and breakfasts):
Otu-Nyarko, a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Connecticut, has focused his research inside the poultry barn at the University of Connecticut, where microphones hang from the ceiling and every cluck, bawk and pok is recorded. He and Professor Michael Darre are trying to understand the language of chickens.

"This is not 'let's translate chicken to English,'" Darre said. "We are trying to find out their language and what their vocalizations mean."

There's a purpose behind this research, with great implications for the welfare of America's chickens. The ultimate goal is to create a black box of chicken linguistics that would monitor chatter in the hen house.
Sure... for the welfare of America... for the children (and chicks).

I say, "Impeach Bush now!"

I'm glad to see that at least President Obama is doing something about it. With the national debt climbing as it is, pretty soon American citizens will not have the money to afford phones or interwebs for the NSA to monitor.

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