Friday, July 17, 2009

Prescription for Hypotension

Last Saturday evening we had a family get together to watch the fireworks over Lake Koshkonong from Grandpa Jerry's house. Grandpa John was there, as was TrogloPundit and Dactyl. The place was also overrun with rugrats. A very good time was had by all.

My discerning diagnostic eye determined that co-host Grandpa Jerry was awfully calm. He needed something to raise that apparent hypotensive condition. For this I prescribe a healthy dose of this:

Jane Fonda wearing a t-shirt bearing her own picture. Grandpa Jerry loves Hanoi Jane.

However, we would recommend that to match that smug, arrogant expression, you should have this picture emblazoned on your t-shirt.

Grandpa Jerry's blood pressure should be significantly raised.

1 comment:

christmasghost said...

What an ugly old horse faced commie she is.
And now she is just another old D-list "celebrity" that is so busy being a parody of herself that she can't do anything, oh, I dunno..jump off a bridge.
While wearing that shirt natch....