Thursday, July 30, 2009

Paco's Library: Top Presidential Vacation Sites

The infamous blogger, Paco, of Paco Enterprises regularly features excerpts from individual books in his library. Apparently as a member of the East Coast Elite, he has to show that his literary genre goes beyond Blogger on a computer monitor.

In today's offering, Paco excerpts from Englishman Sir Osbert Sitwell's Tales My Father Taught Me. Paco slyly implicates the Obama Administration without even mentioning them. In his first selection Sir Osbert relates his father's view of Robin Hood concluding with the remarks:
‘Every young man,’ he went on, ‘should beware of joining up with such a party of crack-brained socialists…’
In Paco's second selection Sir Osbert and his siblings spiel to trap on their father as he looked for a holiday destination. (Paco is suggesting a spot for the President's vacation more appropriate than Martha's Vineyard.)
Now as it happened I had only that very morning read in one of the daily papers an advertisement of what was obviously a privately run home..., and was described as ‘set in peaceful surroundings with a park and a lake.’ Accordingly I told my father about the establishment but did not disclose to him its true nature.

‘It sounds just what I need,’ he said.

‘Well, all I can tell you is that most people, once they’ve got there, never leave…They like it so much that they’ve even invented a pet-name for it – “the Bin”.’

This appeared to satisfy him, though he added: ‘I should like my fellow guests to have hobbies which they could discuss with me, and to be people, too, of some importance.’

‘I believe that one of them claims to be a steam-roller, which I suppose in a way could be important,’ I replied in imaginative frenzy before I could stop myself, ‘and another resident claims that he is the Emperor of China.’

...Indeed, we succeeded in painting for him so attractive a picture of this peaceful retreat that he told his secretary to write immediately for pension terms…Unfortunately, in their reply, the asylum authorities added to the letter a postscript: ‘Ought a strait-waistcoat to be sent for Sir George to wear during the journey, which will be made by van? Three strong and practiced male nurses will, of course, be in attendance, and prepared to quell any disturbance on the way.’
"Come and join the fun."- Mildred Ratched, RN

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