Wednesday, August 05, 2009

A Point of Order

After an in depth consultation with Pundit & Pundette, taking a week reading the ObamaCare bill with two lawyers over my shoulders, I have come to a minor alteration in a point of order here at Grandpa John's.

Being a grandfather of 5, I often proudly refer to myself as 'Grandpa Steve.' But, due to the implications embedded within the Obama Administration health initiatives as well as other policies, I would be fearful of using that moniker any more as I don't feature being counseled about end of life issues or offered Kool-Aid in place of an efficacious medical procedure.

So from now on, I will be referring to myself as 'Steve.' Various and sundry adjectives may and will be used in conjuction, but 'grandpa' is verboten. It's a will to survival issue.

I know I'm being greedy and selfish, but it's all good, no?

(I expect that Lance will still use 'Grandpa Steve' or under these new circumstances, maybe even 'Great-Grandpa Steve.' He's lusting after a part in my will. He wants the diamond ranch, I suspect.)

(UPDATE: And my guns, too.)

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