Wednesday, December 23, 2009

On the Cutting Edge of Modern-Modern Science

We here at Burrina Critter Food Company have always been at the cutting edge of scientific product innovation. As the main paradigms of scientific inquiry have shifted, we have kept up with the trends. Back when genetic studies on macro-evolution were the rage, we developed Burrina Drisophila Chow to keep the fruit flies reproducing like... well, fruit flies.

As the modern-modern-modern scientific paradigm came into vogue with the man-made global warming scientific data manipulating techniques, we have adjusted our products to keep the tills filling.

Other corporations and manufacturers have had difficulties. The oil companies are constantly under fire. Two-thirds of the American automobile manufacturers are government owned or controlled. Even the pet food industry is soon to take the hit.

We here at Burrina have rolled with the punches. No one has yet dared claim 'Drisophila melanogaster caused global warming.' And with the onslaught of data massage techniques we have developed the new hot brand for geneticists using AGW scientific principles:


It is now our top seller!

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