Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Proves the Dire Need for ObamaCare

The danger of Christmas for both adults and the children further proves our dire straits and highlights the great need for the passage of ObamaCare:
A casualty doctor has warned that carving the Christmas turkey while drunk or popping champagne corks could seriously damage the population's health on Christmas Day.

...every year over the festive period he deals with a host of injuries as families get together.

...exploding Christmas tree lights, which caused small burns to eyelids and eyeballs, and zips caught on eyelids as people struggled to try on a new jumper.

...burns from the oven, older people choking on their turkey and nasty hand and limb injuries caused by people trying to get stones out of avocados...

...eye injuries from poking themselves with Christmas tree branches while getting presents from under it.

...children suffering after poking themselves or others in the eye with new toys and glitter fragments in the eye from cards or craft activities.

...injuries caused by preparing and cooking the Christmas dinner.

People are likely to burn themselves on the oven or cut themselves as they carve the turkey - particularly if they have been drinking alcohol.

We will always see someone who chokes over Christmas, often the elderly.
Oh, please help us, President Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi! Santa is trying to kill us!

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