Saturday, February 06, 2010

Burial in More than Just an Obama T-Shirt

Clifton, proprietor of Another Black Conservative, discusses a recent Obama speech at the DNC. Clifton excerpts the following Presidential quote from the nearly 11 minute video:
I got a letter -- I got a note today from one of my staff -- they forwarded it to me -- from a woman in St. Louis who had been part of our campaign, very active, who had passed away from breast cancer. She didn't have insurance. She couldn't afford it, so she had put off having the kind of exams that she needed. And she had fought a tough battle for four years. All through the campaign she was fighting it, but finally she succumbed to it. And she insisted she's going to be buried in an Obama t-shirt.
Clifton then adds,
"If this doesn’t scream egomaniac, I don’t know what does. Didn’t he feel the least bit funny about mentioning the Obama t-shirt? I am glad the audience laughed at him,"
and follows up with a few contrary facts about the situation.
Obama is such a liar too. This woman, whose name he doesn’t even remember, had health insurance! To make matters worse, he is also lying about being committed to passing healthcare. He is just telling the audience that so they don't completely freak on him.
Well, my anonymous inside sources claim that there were portions originally in the speech that the President decided not to include for fear of Michelle's wrath:...
And she insisted she's going to be buried in an Obama t-shirt in a coffin designed like an Eternal Messiah Love Nest.

Judging from the shoes the woman chose, I suspect she was totally into clowns.

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