Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Scientists Study American Hockey Victory

Ilya Somin rejoices on Volokh Conspiracy:
I just watched the US Olympic hockey team defeat Canada 5–3. In view of the disparity in talent between the two teams and the fact that Canada was playing on home ice, this is the greatest US hockey upset since the 1980 Miracle on Ice. As a one-time hockey player and longtime fan, I’m very happy. I fear, however, that the result will cause a lot more pain in hockey-loving Canada than joy in the comparatively apathetic US.
The scientists in our secret basement laboratory set about to find out why the American team was able to pull of such a great victory. They discovered that it was not so much a great American win as a Canadian loss. And, even in that, it could not be attributed to poor play by the Canadians. Our scientists concluded that the Canuck equipment manager was at fault. The science is settled. The American upset is a direct result of the Canadian choice of hockey sticks:

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