Thursday, November 18, 2010

If Attorney General Eric Holder Had Prosecuted (******)

Attorney General Eric Holder is getting a lot of flak for his prosecution of terrorist Ahmed Ghailani in civilian court. Many detractors claim that Holder's ineptitude allowed Ghailani to be acquitted of 224 counts of murder. What is left unstressed is that Holder's team got Ahmed convicted of conspiracy to destroy U.S. government buildings.

What if Eric Holder and his team had been involved in the prosecution of other infamous criminal trials?
Jeffery Dahmer- Convicted of improper storage and preparation of meat.

John Wayne Gacy- Guilty of practicing clowndom without a license.

Richard Speck- Convicted of practicing surgery without a license.

Ed Gein- Guilty of unsafe funiture construction.

Colin Ferguson- Convicted of illegally carrying a Ruger P89 9mm.

Susan Smith- Inattentive driving.

Charles Manson- Illegally changing Lynette's name to Squeaky.

David Berkowitz- Falsely claiming that his father's name was Sam.

Ted Bundy- Illegally hitchhiking across state lines.

Richard Ramirez- Breaking and entering.

Dennis Rader- Aggravated littering.

Jim Jones- Unlicensed Kool-Aid sales.
That's a 100% conviction rate. What more could we ask for in an attorney general?

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