Sunday, November 21, 2010

President Obama & The Biblical Job

With a short discussion, Rick Richman directs us to a book review written by Jon Meacham titled Obama and the Book of Job. Meacham is the person who quite recently gave us the description of Obama as 'sort of God.'

I will not excerpt any of Meacham's comparisons between Job and our President. You might want to go and read them, but none will be surprising and all are quite laughable.

I will take this opportunity to lend you some of my theological wit and wisdom to the matter. There are several precise comparisons between Obama and Job that Meacham comes nowhere near:
-Both Job and Barack Obama were sitting 'on top of the world' early in the story.

-Both men get very bad news from servants:
-Servant Harry Reid rushes in to tell Obama that all his Congressional Jackasses were destroyed in a midterm raid by the Teapartians.

-Servant Nancy Pelosi rushes in to tell Obama that all of his Independent sheep have been taken by Progressophobians.
-Both Job and Obama have nagging wives:
-Job's wife says to him, "Curse God and die."

-Barack's wife says to him, "#@&*!*#%, you %+@*)!" (My Hebrew translation skill is much more polished than it is for Angrywife-ese.)
So President Obama IS 'sort of Job.'

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