Sunday, November 21, 2010

T.S.A.: Hey, Mao!

I am quite puzzled at the techniques used by the Progressives at this point in time. The Liberals had control of Congress and the White House. They began their push for progressive policies and got crushed in the mid-term elections at the state level as well as federal. Normal people would moderate or at least try a new technique, but not this crock crop of sh*t socialists.

After their thumping the Democrats have stepped up the goose-stepping. The T.S.A. are treating old women and children like terrorists. The food Nazis among them continue to press for banning legal products and stifling citizen choice.

Many call it a 'Nanny State.' I now think that paints an erroneous picture. I much prefer 'Shanghai State.' It is as if the American public has been shanghaied and forced to bend to the will of the Liberal Oligarchy. (Shanghai, of course, also refers to our massive indebtedness to Communist China.)

I do believe, however, that these actions will continue to inspire and grow the Tea Party movement as more and more Americans are repulsed by the obvious bullying demonstrations of power and disregard for the U.S. Constitution.

So combining criticism of the latest T.S.A. citizen abuse with Stacy McCain's Rule 5 I present:

Hey, Mao!

(Bob at TCOTS has been experiencing a lot of screening probes and gropes lately, as well.)

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