Friday, February 04, 2011

Missing Glove Found in Snow Bank

Joe Latta from here in Janesville almost didn't survive our latest snowzilla.
Latta, 66, told rescuers he ventured outside of his Rockshire Drive home about 5 a.m. Wednesday to get the mail, fell in the driveway and couldn't get up. Latta lives alone. Snow likely drifted as he lay there on his back in temperatures that dipped to the low teens. At about 6:45 a.m., snowplows pushed up more snow, covering all of Latta except a gloved hand.

Police officer Todd Schumann said Latta was covered with 29 inches of snow with probably another 4 to 6 feet below him.
Joe had been buried in the snow for about 4 hours before being rescued. He was treated and released from a local medical center.

Joe Latta would never let a little snow stop him from watching our Packers win Super Bowl XLV.

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