Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Obama Curse Debunked

About a year ago President Obama visited the Solyndra solar-panel factory in Fremont, California.

Now the Solyndra plant is shut down.

As can be expected the President's critic are blaming this on the 'Obama Curse'. Obama visits and a business closes.

This is simply not true. Back in February, 2008, then candidate Obama visited the GM plant here in Janesville and unveiled some major economic policy initiatives.

(Photo by Jerry Burri)

By this you can see that there is not truth to the Obama Curse. Wait... what? The plant closed down in 2009? But, there is absolutely no truth that the Janesville GM plant closed because it is in Paul Ryan's district.

Well, anyway, I am sure there are some businesses that the President has visited that have not closed down! He only has critics 'cause they are racist Tea Party terrorists.

Paco's front door has a sign, "No Soliciting, No Obama Visits, Please."

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