Thursday, February 16, 2012

Planned Parenthood Ambushes Catholic Food Bank

Set 'em up in a lose/lose situation

The Set Up: Planned Parenthood calls a Catholic based food bank to request a van to pick up donated food. If the food bank sends a van to pick up, Planned Parenthood gets a dandy photo-op of Catholics taking from abortion providers. If the food bank refuses the pick up, Planned Parenthoodoid goons accuse the food pantry of denying food to the poor.

The food pantry refused to pick up from Planned Parenthood and is now subject to the usual Liberal abuses.

Here's a snippet from a post on Daily Kos (the link is found within the above link):
...Apparently, Paul’s Pantry’s current needy guests would refuse food from abortion providers for fear that the food may contain fetuses. The world has gone insane, but methinks I know why this topic is coming up now. It’s ‘squirrel’ politics time again.

I refer to squirrel politics as the distraction from the real problem. I believe that the Republicans, especially Rove and co, know they are on a loser this year. And they want to make Planned Parenthood the cause celeb this year, something to gin up their base with and avoid talking about eliminating medicare and social security...
I applaud the charity for saying no and standing in the midst of abuse that is being heaped upon them.

I would have handled it a bit differently, however. I would have sent a van to pick up the donations and got a photo-op of my own.

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