Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Trog- The Most Popular Blogger in the World?

Hit counter statistics fail to tell the whole story.

Researchers from our secret basement laboratory have found some interesting realities in the blogosphere that haven't been reported by the Main Stream Bloggers (MSB). Their studies show that The TrogloPundit is the most read blogger in the universe.

The facts lie in the poorer areas of China. In these areas there may only be one computer that is required to serve millions of readers. While the hit counters would give The Trog only one hit, the reality is that millions, perhaps billions, take turns reading The Trog's postings.

The people are so effected by Lance's writing that they have radically altered their lifestyle choices. The Chinese words for this phenomenon are translated 'The Trog Effect' and 'He will Burri You.'

Here is one of the most obvious effects that The Trog has produced in China- cave dwellings.

The TrogloPundit: The Most Interesting Blogger in the World

"I don't get many hits on the stat counter, but when I do...

I pop open another Leinenkugel."

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