Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Walker Recall: Democrat Primary Debate

Welcome to the 2012 Democrat Gubernatorial primary debate to see which candidate we will select to run against the shameful Scott Walker in the Wisconsin recall election.

We will start by asking the candidates themselves to tell us a little bit about themselves and why they should be picked to defeat the evil Walker.

Candidate #1?

"I have been endorsed by the big unions."


"I have received the most money from the big unions out of state."


"I am in the pocket of big unions."


"I am owned by the big unions and have sold my first born to them."

Thank you, candidates.

We will now open the floor to questions or comments from the audience.

Yes, you. The one wearing red with the horns, spiky tail, and pitchfork.

"I must say that I have worked for a long time with each of these candidates and in fact have contracts with each. A single choice from among them is difficult as they all have been faithful to our ideals and principles. My business is unionized and we endorse them as well. We are looking forward to a long partnership."


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