Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bain Capital for Dummies

In my new book, Bain Capital for Dummies...

... the main theme is illustrated with an easy-to-understand analogy:

Bain is called out on an emergency to deal with a wreck.

The first responders scramble to deal with and stabilize the situation. They transport to an institution that can provide more intense and longer term care. All parties are coordinated for the benefit of the injured.

Sometimes the efforts are unsuccessful and the patient succumbs.

Ambulance chasing, transformational Constitutional law lecturers commonly jump on these failures, complaining that the first responders got paid, the hospital and staff got paid, but the patient died.

Therefore, these are all heartless, greedy murderers.

Paco investigates and determines that the rain on Bain comes mainly from the insane.


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