Thursday, October 22, 2009

Do the Florida Gators Have an ACORN Connection?

Gator Doug and I often pick at each other's college sports teams. He supports the Florida Reptilians and I take the high road and laud the goodness of the noble Wisconsin Badgers.

At present, Doug's Gators are ridin' high and ranked number one. My Badgers are suffering a two game losing streak. As I pondered potential differences that may underlie this difference, I wondered about facilities, personnel, and coaching styles. Perhaps there are some 'intangibles' that I have not considered.

Last week Doug's Walking-Talking-Crawl-on-Their-Bellies-Crocs came from behind in the 4th quarter to break the unranked Arkansas Razorback mountain. Gator Doug posted Whew!!!!. In his post's comment section I questioned the officiating during the game, especially in the 4th quarter's final drive by the Gators. There appeared to be a couple of phantom calls on that drive to assist Florida's matriculation down the field.

Little did I know that I was onto the 'intangible' success for the Large-Water-Lizard's top ranking.
The Southeastern Conference has suspended officials from last weekend's Arkansas-Florida game after the crew was involved in its second controversial call of the year.

Referee Marc Curles' crew called a personal foul on Arkansas defensive lineman Malcolm Sheppard in the fourth quarter as the Gators were rallying for a 23-20 victory. The league said there was no video evidence to support the call.
Rep. Alan 'Die Quickly' Grayson (D-FL) is a Gator fan.

I have not made a direct Florida Gator/ACORN link yet, but can it be far behind?

G- Getting
T- To
O- Oversee
R- Referees

(Some say I stir up bad blood, but I just report. You decide.)

(H.T. Fishersville Mike's revelation.)

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