Thursday, November 24, 2005

Herbert E. Meyer

Herbert E. Meyer writes a powerfully germane open letter in the American Thinker. The last third is posted below.

"To put it bluntly, your attitude stinks. You are so determined to be proven right that you are unhelpful at best, and at worst you are actively working to insure our defeat."

"I am not suggesting that all politics be stopped, or that our democracy be suspended for the duration. Rather, I am suggesting that you recognize how much we are all at risk, and that right now you focus your energy, your experience, and your expertise on helping us to win. So, if you are a member of Congress, instead of cruising the talk-show circuit to say “Bush lied” as often as you can, get in touch with Sunni leaders in Iraq and urge them to stop fighting with the new government there and start working with it. Or pass word to Syria and Iran that while you disagree with the President’s policies, you will support his efforts to stop these countries from infiltrating terrorists over the border into Iraq. And instead of whining that the new Iraqi constitution is imperfect – which is obvious, for crying out loud – provide whatever expertise you have to those brave Iraqi politicians who are literally risking their lives to make the new constitution work. And if you are just an ordinary American who believes the President has made a terrible mistake, keep in mind that while you have every right to demonstrate against the war these demonstrations play directly into our enemies’ hands."

"Your help, or your behavior, could make all the difference, not just in terms of practical assistance but in broader terms of showing our adversaries around the world that right now, despite our different judgments, Americans are united. This by itself would almost do as much to demoralize our enemies as the accomplishments of our wonderful Soldiers and Marines in the back alleys of Mosul or Falluja."

"Don’t tell me that you cannot change your attitude, or that it’s your right and solemn duty as the loyal opposition to oppose the President however you can. The War on Terrorism isn’t just another Bush Administration initiative, like the No Child Left Behind program or his proposal to reform the structure of Social Security. In this war, our very existence hangs in the balance, and national unity is more important than political advantage—or personal ambition. We are all in this together, as Americans, and we must all do whatever we can to help make the President’s policy work, whether we like that policy or not." (Emphasis mine)

"And if you think that asking you to change your attitude is asking too much, give a moment’s thought to what we are asking of the Iraqi people. After all, the President’s entire policy rests on a change of attitude within the world of Islam itself. We are asking the Iraqis, and others in the Mideast, to abandon their tribal, if-you-win-then-I-must-lose way of thinking; to shift from oppressing other ethnic groups to co-operating with them; to move from totalitarianism to democracy. In short, we are asking them to make a mental leap from the Middle Ages to the modern world – fast."

"That’s a huge change in attitude to ask for, and the very least that you can do would be to set a good example."

Meyer uses an example earlier in his letter concerning marriage. I would like to add my own scenario.

If my wife and I were having a serious argument in our home and an armed intruder entered our home to perform mayhem, we would set aside our differences while she went for her Taurus and I grabbed my Ruger to defend our home as well as those of our neighbors. Our differences were not in the least bit settled, but were superceded by a greater danger. We would not shoot at each other. (At least not until the intruder was subdued or dead.)

(H.T. The Discerning Texan.)


dearieme said...

"If my wife and I were having a serious argument in our home and an armed intruder entered our home to perform mayhem, we would set aside our differences while she ..and I ..defend our home..": yes, but the question is would you stick to fighting off and then pursuing your assailant, or would you rush off and yourselves assail someone else?

Steve said...

Since, in this particular case, it was an organized, widespread gang of 'burglars', I would be interested in breaking the ring.

tee bee said...

So that'd be a yes?

Steve said...

Tee Bee,
Are you entering my blog to perform mayhem?