Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Separation of Church and State

I am not a trained philosopher, but I do play one down at the corner bar. I also have been regularly reading several blogs by professors of philosophy so I am confident that I can make a technically sound, logical philosophical argument.

Just try to refute this:

The Constitution of the United States explicitly erects a wall of separation between the Christian Church and state.

Therefore, the government cannot tax the Christian Church, and otherwise, it is sometimes not allowed to impose its will upon it.

Christians are forbidden to express their ideas or worldview in the public arena.

I am a Christian.

I am forbidden by the Constitution to express my ideas in the public square, even when they are cleverly couched in secular language.

Therefore, the Constitution equates me with the Christian Church.

Therefore, according to the Constitution, I should not be taxed.

Therefore, I deserve and demand an accounting and repayment of all taxes ever paid... with interest and penalties, of course.


tee bee said...

I'm sure Uncle Sam will be quite happy to forward those "reimbursements" to you at the funny farm, which is where Uncle Sam will relocate you if you get too insistent on applying your.. um.. logic.

So, like, good luck with that.

Scott H said...

Yeah, you'll recieve over $30K a year worth of Uncle Sam's care in housing you, feeding you, hosing you off, etc. You'll have earned your money back in just a few years.

Steve said...

Ahhh... cradle to grave security either way. Is this a great country or what?