Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Celebration of Dependence Day

July 4th, 1776-- the day declared to be Independence Day. Today we celebrate that event. We celebrate that independence, liberty, and freedom that was first written on mere paper and spoken to all who would listen. One could infer that we are celebrating characters of ink placed on specially processed cellulose with modulations of moving air through specific contractions and relaxations of vocal cords. No wonder the American July 4th is a national celebration.

Perhaps there is more to it than that. The ink, parchment, and verbiage had to repulse the most powerful military force of its day. After years of horrific hardship these upstarts had finally done it; they had earned their independence, liberty, and freedom. However, this was a mere pebble among the Himalayas.

Independence, liberty, and freedom. Contrary to what meanings our modern culture may place on those words now, in the latter 1700's it meant independence, liberty, and freedom FROM ENGLISH RULE; that which was deemed tyrannical from a distance.

To the founding fathers as well as the rest of toddling America, independence, liberty, and freedom meant massively greater responsibility heaped upon their backs. They had not only turned a wealthy benefactor into an opponent and rival, they now had to build from scratch a community of 13 separate entities into one unit to defend against and build within a hostile wilderness. Their independence, liberty, and freedom was an even greater dependence. They were more dependent upon their own responsible activity, their families, and their communities, including local, state, and national civil governments.

Today's connotation of independence, liberty, and freedom usually falls far short of the actual responsibilities and dependence that these words necessarily assume.

Today we can freely celebrate our independence, originally from English rule, but now also from Nazi, Japanese, Soviet, Chinese, and Islamofascist rule. We can take the time to celebrate because of our voluntary and successful interdependence with our families, friends, neighbors, the military, police, firemen, plumbers, educators, engineers, electricians, construction workers, farmers, retailers, medical professionals,.......etc.......etc.......etc......., used car salesmen, lawyers, and politicians. (I tried to fit actors and pop music stars in there, but couldn't seem to make them fit.) Without dependence upon this multitude of 'others' we each would be dead or suffering in squalor and/or slavery.

Was someone forgotten and left out? Hmmm.... Oh, yeah. To Him in whom I depend upon for my life, breath, and total being; now and for eternity. In Christ Jesus is life and all liberty.

July 4th-- another special day of Thanksgiving... much like the 3rd and 5th.

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Lance Burri said...

The one guy we DON'T want independence from is the one guy the Left wants to erase, while at the same time the Left wants us shackled to a European-style centralized government, which we fought the Revolution to escape.