Saturday, October 13, 2007

Eeeeww, Cooties!

I have a hard time believing that this Timeonline report is actually true:
[...]But the loathing of the Nascar crowd for the inhabitants of Capitol Hill has reached new heights after the decision by Washington political aides to get inoculated before attending a race this weekend.[...]

The decision to get immunisations, against hepatitis, tetanus and diphtheria,[...]

The Democrat chairman of the committee instructed the aides to get the immunisations[...]
There were some good responses:
[...]Linda Daves, chairwoman of the North Carolina Republican Party, said: “Democrats should know there is no preventative measure to ward off blue-collar values. If they aren’t careful, they might just catch some of it.” [...]

Patrick McHenry, a North Carolina Republican, said: “If anything, it’s the Nascar fans who should get immunised against Washington officials.”
I would like to add my own recommendations adapted from the Baylor College of Medicine:

All Democratic politicians or aides approaching within 50' of NASCAR fans or areas recently inhabited by such fans should follow standard precautions, formerly called Universal Precautions, at all times:

1. Consider all blood, all bodily fluids, and exhaled air from Southerners to be infectious.

2. Wear gloves when exposure to Southerners may occur and change gloves and wash your hands after each procedure and before contact with another Redneck.

3. Wear mask and goggles, safety eye wear or face shield when near Southerners. Do NOT make eye contact.

4. Wear contamination resistant body armor when a Southerner may actually touch you. The most common exposure risks include Hepatitis B, Tooth loss, Mental retardation, Speech impediments, Alcoholism, Yee-hawism, and Christianity.

Good night and good luck.

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