Friday, September 12, 2008

Las Cruces, NM, Not Required to Change Name

Nor will they be nuked for bearing the name of 'The Crosses.' But the Tenth Circuit Court also stated that the city's official seal could also stay.

I did not read the opinion of the Tenth Circuit in this matter so I don't know the reasoning behind their opinion. To me, this judgment was a no-brainer. The Las Cruces city seal represents all of mankind equally, all forms of religion, and all forms of non-religion. The cross in the middle does represent Jesus Christ and all that the Bible has to say about him. The cross on the right represents that portion of humanity that becomes Jesus' followers. The cross on the left represents the entire rest of humanity that rejects Jesus in whatever form it may manifest. Every person on Earth is represented in this seal. Who could ever accuse it of promoting one belief over another?

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HeatherRadish said...

I had to squint really hard to see crosses in that seal. It looks like an abstract quilt block more than Calvary...