Monday, October 27, 2008

"Hope & Change!"

I would enjoy taking my grandbabies trick or treating this year. Cole would wear a Barack Obama mask; Morgan would don a Joe Biden facade. Another little friend would wear an ACORN t-shirt and skull cap like the top of an acorn and carry a candy bag resembling an IRS coffer. He will also carry a stack of voter registration forms already completed by Halloween characters.

We would only go to houses with presidential campaign signs in their yards. When the resident comes to the door, the kids will yell, "Hope & Change!"

Cole Obama will then say, "Spread the wealth around!".

Morgan Biden will say, "Be patwiotic! Like Bawack says, its a fouw lettew word- candy; c-a-n-d-y!"

After the homeowner gives some candy, the IRS/ACORN character will say, "You must bail out the sub-prime candy givers that defaulted on their candy giving responsiblities and give more candy."

Projected responses- The houses with McCain/Palin signs will laugh and give more candy. The Obama/Biden decorated houses will tell the kids that that is the government's responsibility, slam the door, and quickly turn out the lights.


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