Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Youth Vote

Oh, wowww, man. Yeah, dude, I'm votin' for Barack Hussein O'bong-a for president of the world, man. Next Wednesday, right?

It's just kinda a bummer that he wants to outlaw water pipes, man. The dude says that smokin' outta them pollutes the water in the pipe, man. I can dig it, though, man. I don't want to kill the planet or the arugula, man. Far out and solid, duuude. It wouldn't be groovy, man.

Uhhh... what was I talking about, man?

(Photo from The Patriot Room, but I don't think it's Bill Dupray himself, though, man.)


Sam said...

Is it safe to assume this was you at one point in your life, Steve?

Steve Burri said...

But, but... Sam, why didn't you assume that I learned that from Todd and Lance?

The short answer, though, is 'yes.'

Sam said...

Because Lance and Todd don't claim to be former hippie drug-using socialists in their Blogger profiles (and because I've known them my whole life).

I do appreciate your honesty.

Al said...

I'm pretty sure bong-water is good for arugula.