Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lance's Photos of Madison Tea Party

Lance has taken many good shots of today's Tea Party in Madison. He has posted them over at TrogloPundit.

Nice job, Burri!

I have been trying to remember an old cartoon, I think a Fractured Fairy Tale on the Rocky & Bullwinkle Show, that depicted a king taxing his subjects; One horse, 5 Pazoozas; One cow, 4 Pazoozas, etc., with the final, One Pazooza, 2 Pazoozas. I wish I could find that one.

Here is the beginning of one such FFT:
King Midas

Once upon a time there was a king named Midas. Even by kingly standards, Midas was a greedy king. All he cared about was gold, gold, gold, and let's see, oh yes, gold.

So he sent his tax collectors into the kingdom to do his gold gathering for him. As the people grew poorer and poorer from being taxed, Midas grew richer and richer. Finally, the people were reduced to living on turnips and nothing but turnips. For breakfast, they had bowls of turnip flakes. For lunch, turnip sandwiches. And for dinner, roast leg of turnip with turnip gravy. By the time the got around to dessert---turnip torte---they were plain sick of tubers.

As a result, King Midas began to get the funny feeling that people didn't like him very much. The teeming masses holding up signs that read "Off with King Midas's head!" didn't help. Not that he cared about them. But what he did care about was that he couldn't raise taxes.

"I need to do something to make people like me," declared King Midas. "Then I can tax them even more!"

So the king called a meeting of his advisers, from the prestigious advising firm of Bobble, Bangle, Bead, and Benson.

"Gentlemen," said the king, "I must be made more popular."

"Well, sire," piped up Benson, "I'm just talking off the top of my thatch, here. But what about lowering taxes? We could----"

That apparently wasn't a very good idea. Two palace guards grabbed Benson and carried him off to the dungeon...
Unfortunately, nothing about Pazoozas' tax.

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