Monday, May 18, 2009

5th Birthday Soon

Back on June 8th, 2004, Grandpa John logged the first post on Grandpa John's. It began with 4 regular posters; two Conservative Christians, one Liberal Atheist, and one Libertarian Atheist.

I've gone back and spent some time reading from the early days. What a riot! It's a good thing that we lived in four different cities.

In honor of these memories, I will be posting archival excerpts from time to time:
Never judge a man until you've walked a mile in his shoes. Then you'll be a mile away, have his shoes, and can say anything you like.1
TOPIC: Abraham Lincoln was neither a breast-supporting women's undergarment, nor the upper hind leg of a hog, nor even an expensive luxury automobile. But... did he exist? Why or why not believe this? Discuss!2
So, a grandchild on the way, being likened to the idiot, and suffering from the flu... unrelated facts or circumstances of life? Nay, nay, I tell you! These are integral clusters of pixels forming a single coherent picture of meaning. These situations point out very plainly to the discerning mind that 1) I am a phlegming idiot, and 2) that I am an expectorant grandfather.

Now isn't that definitive proof of intelligent design, you dogmatic offspring of Beelzebub and High Priests of the Temple of Darwin ?3
Effigies? What for? You should use the real guy!4

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