Monday, May 25, 2009

President Obama Prioritizes Risks

Many critics of President Obama's policies claim that his 'wussification' of foreign policy has emboldened the likes of Iran and North Korea to increase their aggressive pursuit of nuclear weapons. It is also asserted that the Obama doctrine makes the United States more vulnerable to 9/11 type attacks and endangers peace in every region of the world.

What these pajama-clad, armchair policy experts refuse to understand is that President Obama has very wisely prioritized these threats within the entire universe of clear and present dangers. Our President knows that Iran and North Korea present dangers, albeit minor ones. He has chosen, rather, to place emphasis on crises that more seriously jeopardize both the United States and the world.

Public enemies numbers 1 & 2 are most certainly Anthropocentric Global Warming and the lack of Universal Health Care. These situations are far more serious in the overall scheme of things than mere nuclear weapons in the hands of madmen. They are the fevahs that only more Obama Administration cowbell can cure.

MSM Top Story:
Global Warming Victim Dies From Lack of Universal Health Care

When Kim Jong Il, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and Osama bin Laden see these evils perpetrated by the greed of American capitalists, can you blame them for trying to defend themselves from further American imperialism?

(Photo from AP.)

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