Wednesday, October 14, 2009

American Girl Dolls Get Real

American Girl dolls are a popular item with young girls in the U.S. The company produces dolls that represent a broad spectrum of American life.

The latest model to hit the market is named Gwen. Gwen represents the millions of homeless among us. Her family's finances have been skewered by Daddy's job loss from the Obama Administration's stimulus plan and other economic policies. Accessories include raggedy dresses, oversized bib overalls, an old Chevy station wagon, cheap wine in a paper bag, welfare checks signed by Obama himself, and an authentic 55 gallon drum 'burn barrel.'

UPDATE: The doll manufacturer will soon introduce a new doll in the 'Get Real' line of products. This one will be named Josefina de Bellota. Josefina has recently 'immigrated' from El Salvador by the heroic actions of the humanitarian ACORN organization and has been given a job to help feed her poor family back home. Her accessories include thongs, heavy adult looking make-up, money to pay off local police and immigration authorities, SEIU membership card, and the following ensemble to help her remember the poverty from which ACORN freed her:

Some of the puritanical prudes among us are claiming that these toys are forcing our children to grow up too early and miss the most important times of childhood. But, we say, "Get real."

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