Sunday, May 17, 2009

Rule 5 Can Be Dangerous

In How to Get a Million Hits on Your Blog in Less Than a Year, Robert Stacy McCain, major contributor on The Other McCain, touts the hit-drawing value of 'advertising' your blog with the liberal use of photos of beautiful women. Sex sells.

As true as that may be, it is not without possible pitfalls. For example:

Elizabeth is definitely Rule 5 worthy. However, our paths crossing produced a consumer related video on an area TV station that was instrumental in our inclusion as defendants in a defamation lawsuit. While all of the other defendants are now out of the picture, our two year battle promises to continue for another full year.

To her credit, Elizabeth's video was accurate and our inclusion into the suit prompted us to counter sue and win at the circuit level. The defamation case has also been dismissed. If we prevail at the appellate level, we will get a modest sum to help us fix the house. The 5 law firms that have been involved, however, will be sharing in a million+ dollar bounty.

Some of the action has been posted here, there, yonder, aqui, ova dare, under here, and hither.

Be Careful with Rule 5 Daisy Duken'
Elizabeth in Nashville

C'mon, Elizabeth, where are the Daisy Dukes?

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